Immune Boost with Essential Oils recipe

Immune Support Recipe With Essential Oils



I’m making up a bottle of this today! These are things you learn when you get on a great Young Living team – to get your oils and join mine click here 

Secret Recipe” to Support the Immune System….

Take an empty 15mL bottle:

Add 25 drops each of Young Living’s:






Apply a Roll-on top (available from Young Living), shake well, and you’re ready to go!!!

*After applying the roll-on to the spine, apply V-6 vegetable on top if it feels too hot. This technique was taught at Young Living’s School of Nature.  Dr. Minke, recommended to apply essential oils neat and then apply V-6 vegetable oil on top if needed.

2 thoughts on “Immune Support Recipe With Essential Oils

    1. vickihelser Post author

      Sure, you could do that. I use oils neat, some people don’t and that’s fine. It’s all about what works for each of us. I don’t really worry about the price anymore – when I skimp, I find that they don’t do what I need them to do. Also – one bottle of this lasted me many months because we only use it when Thieves isn’t enough.


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